One of the best ways to find a newborn photographer is on recommendation – have your friends recently used a photographer – ask around and you may find some wonderful local photographers you may not have found otherwise. 

  • Spend some time researching different photographers’ portfolios.  
  • All photographers will have their own style so choose a photographer whose work you love looking at. 
  • Can you imagine one of their images in your own home? 
  • Take some time to read their blog if they have one. 
  • This will profile their most recent work. 
  • Do they have a Facebook page? 
  • How professional do they appear in replies and posts? 
  • Do they update their page regularly with images that you love?
  • Do you prefer natural images, or images with lots of colour?

neutral, posed image  |  Sally Slack Photography

Black and white image of a newborn  |  Jess Evans Photography


Digital artistry image  |  Sharon Wallis Photography


Highly styled, colourful imagery  |  Dinky Feet Photography

Timeless, classical, fine-art images
  |  A-Fotography


There is a huge variety of photography styles available and each photographer will have their own speciality, so make sure you choose someone who compliments your taste and style.


Home or Studio?

Which do you think you would prefer?  Both scenarios have their own advantages and drawbacks.  For example you may feel more comfortable in your own familiar surroundings and want to include images in your gallery like your baby in their moses basket or the presents and cards from friends and family.  However, visiting a studio may give you more space for your family portraits and you might enjoy the experience of being treated as a guest.  This is down to personal preference and as long as you have seen portfolio images they have created in similar surroundings to the one you chose, will not affect your images in the slightest.


All photographers take pride in their studios  |  Tiny Posers


An example of a newborn photography session in a client's home  |  Tiny Feet Photography


What To Expect From Your Newborn Photographer

Respect for you and your baby.  Your photographer should respect your wishes and ensure your baby keeps their dignity.

Duty of care.  Your photographer should ensure your baby is safe at all times.  As a general rule of thumb is if your baby is being posed in a position they wouldn’t naturally take up, they probably need support.  If your photographer poses your baby like this, expect them to work their editing magic to remove your supporting hands from the final image.

Up front and clear pricing.  Ask for a price list in advance of booking and alarm bells should ring if the information you get back is evasive or unclear.

Cleanliness.  Newborn babies don’t have much control over their muscles, never mind bodily functions.  Expect your photographer to have a pile of washing at the end of the session and that everything used for your baby in the first place is freshly laundered.  It goes without saying that pets and smoking should also be kept out of the studio.

Awareness.  Expect your photographer to ask about any allergies, skin sensitivity or difficulties at birth.  Babies that were breech, for example, may prefer certain poses and babies with reflux or digestive issues may prefer not to be on their tummies.  

A typical newborn session  | Ashleigh Shea Photography

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