After Confirming Your Booking

Most photographers will send you lots of information about how your photoshoot will unfold.  This may be in the form of an email, an online web-page or even printed information posted to you.  Spend some time reading whatever they send to you.  It will most likely answer any questions you may have, and will ensure your photo session runs as smoothly as possible.  For example if you are breastfeeding, your photographer may suggest you avoid certain foods known to make babies unsettled.  Having said that, this is your baby and certainly as a new parent you may have enough to contend with getting washed and dressed and out of the door for a specific time – don’t feel pressured into following ‘rules’ if this doesn’t work for you.  A stress free mum usually makes for a happy baby. 

The following is for GENERAL guidance only - your photographer may work differently

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Preparing Your Baby

All babies in the first few weeks will have dry, patchy skin.  Don’t be tempted to apply oil or cream just before your session as this will make their skin look shiny in photographs.  Your photographer would much rather capture all  those new, flaky patches that disappears all to quickly, than try and correct overly shiny skin in Photoshop.

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Your photographer will supply the beautiful outfits, blankets, furs, hats and headbands for your baby to wear, but if you have an heirloom piece or a special outfit, let your photographer know before your session so that they can plan to use any other suitable props with your item.

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The Actual Session

Newborn photography sessions generally take place in the morning
Don’t be surprised to hear that sessions can sometimes last up to 4 hours. Baby most definitely rules the roost!  Not every baby will want to sleep, not every baby will want to be posed in certain positions.  Your photographer will work at your baby’s pace.  Actual shooting time with the camera is very quick, so take the opportunity to sit back and relax while your photographer works with your baby.

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Your newborn baby cannot yet regulate their own body temperature and will be spending a lot of the photoshoot in just a nappy and swaddled in blankets or naked.  This means the studio / your home needs to be really warm (the optimum temperature is 28 degrees).  Wear lots of layers that you can remove as the session progresses.

You might see your photographer taking what appears to be hundreds of photos!  Please don’t panic and think that you will be expected to purchase every single one!  The information your photographer sent you should have let you know how many images you can expect to see in your preview gallery session. Your photographer is most likely ensuring they definitely have the pose they are shooting safely captured and "in the bag".  That, and they probably can’t resist the bundle of cuteness in front of their lens!

your photographer will take lots of frames of your newborn  |  Small Prints Photography

Some photographers will settle your baby with the use of a dummy (pacifier).  This is literally to soothe them whilst they are being posed and will be in use for the shortest possible time and will not disrupt any feeding routine you’re establishing.

don't be surprised if your photographer uses a dummy to soothe your baby asleep, it's for the briefest time  |  Wings Photography

Again, check the information you have been sent.


Important Information For Parents

The general rule of thumb is if your baby is in a pose that they wouldn’t naturally take up, they may need supporting by you or your photographers' assistant.

It is perfectly ok to ask your photographer to stop or abandon a pose if you begin to feel uncomfortable with your baby’s manipulation.  Your baby will soon tell you if they are uncomfortable or being disturbed.

Ask your photograher about safety before booking, all reputable photographers will be able to discuss all of the precautions they take during the shoot.

If at any point during your newborn baby photography session you are not happy with anything you see - it is okay to ask the photographer to stop.  It’s also okay to ask them to explain what is happening if you’re not sure about a pose.  

BANPAS photographers should be shooting complex poses in the composite way, but we are unable to monitor or regulate the industry, so we rely on educating parents - read our page (
here) on how some poses are photographed for your peace of mind.


After Your Session

The information you were sent should tell you how long it will take your photographer to edit and present your images to you, generally though, it is about 2 weeks.

Your photographer will most likely want to upload one image from your session to their facebook page, as well as maybe blog about your session.  Remember how that helped you choose which photographer to book?  Photographers rely on showcasing their most recent work to new customers.  Of course, if you’re really not comfortable with any of your images being uploaded online, inform your photographer.

Depending on the packages offered by your photographer, you may need to view a gallery online of your images to choose which you would like to purchase as products.  

Your photographer may send you a gallery of your images to preview  |  Images by Beautiful Little Moments Photography

Or your photographer may invite you to make a viewing appointment at their studio once all images are ready.

Your photographer will have made this information clear to you at some point during the booking process or before your photoshoot. 


Once You Have Received Your Images

Let all your friends know!  

Photographers love word-of-mouth referrals, and chances are, your photographer will be operating a referral scheme!

We hope that this article has proved useful in giving general advice - don’t be surprised if your photographer works slightly differently though.  All BANPAS members are independent businesses operating their own policies.

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